Jobs For MBA Graduates

Jobs for MBA graduates can span most careers as well as industries.

The career benefits of the MBA can be great, but you need to "begin with the end in mind".

That is, you need to see what jobs, industries, and careers are available for MBA graduates.

Actually, the issue is not so much finding where MBAs fit in, but rather narrowing down the many options.

Deciding how an MBA will help your career is a key aspect in determining what business school to attend, what program type to enroll in, and how to truly determine your return on investment (ROI).

Jobs for MBA graduates can be found in the private sector, the public sector, and in academics. See the details below...

  • Large Corporations - Large corporations have always had a need for good management. Therefore, big companies have hired their share of MBA graduates. Think of any major corporation you know and chances are...they have hired an MBA.
  • Small Businesses - Businesses that are small or medium-sized also have need for those with management and business skills. An MBA covers the spectrum when it comes to business functions and skills. This is why an MBA is good if you are to work for a small business or for yourself.
  • Non-profit Organizations - As the number of non-profit organizations increase, there are increasing number of jobs for MBA graduates in that arena. Although the focus of the organization is different, these kind of organizations still need leaders with good management and business skills.
  • Government Entities - For those in public service, the alternative to the MBA is the Master of Public Administration (MPA). However, an MBA is just as applicable in government administration as well. Government entities at the federal, state, and local levels realize the value of an MBA degree.
  • Academics - Academia looks upon an MBA favorably. Even though an MBA can be a terminal degree, it can also be a great stepping stone if you are going on to a doctorate. While most MBA graduates pursuing a doctorate go into a business discipline, there are other options too.
  • Professions - Professionals such as lawyers, engineers, and even doctors see the benefits of getting an MBA. Most of these career paths do not include business training. Therefore, an MBA fills that knowledge gap and also adds another marketable credential.

An MBA is a big investment and directly affects your career opportunities - so it is not something to be taken lightly. Although an MBA does not guarantee you anything, it can enhance your opportunities and opens doors...especially for entry level MBA jobs. The MBA has a good track record when it comes to careers for MBA graduates.

You may want to also look at our page about Top MBA Jobs. Keep in mind that those jobs that are considered "top" may not necessarily be the best MBA graduate jobs for you.

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